It was the music and leading style of Don Moen that taught me so much of what I know about worship music and worship leading. I still have what I call “Moenisms”. (If you’re wondering what some are, just take a listen to some of his early stuff: “Let Your Glory Fall” being a particular favorite). As such, I approached this CD with great anticipation wondering what this pioneer in worship leading was going to teach the world of worship leaders in general and me in specific.

When I first listened to this CD, my first reaction was pretty simple: “been there, done that”. I hate to admit it: I actually didn’t like it! I mean, the songs on the disk are a great compilation of solid worship songs: “The Greatness of You”, “Mighty to Save”, “Be Glorified”, etc, but there was really nothing new here. In other words: they’ve all been done before. If not in specific songs, it was done in style. It sounded like the “elevator worship music” I grew up hearing. Then I listened again.

Upon the second and third listenings I discovered something…at least it was a discovery for me: Don Moen is not trying to “reinvent the worship wheel”. This is a veteran. He’s trained more worship leaders than I can imagine. He’s probably forgotten more avenues to the throne room of the Almighty than I may ever learn. And he’s not trying to be trendy, cool, hip, cutting edge, or bleeding edge. He’s being what he always has been: himself.

What an original concept: he’s actually being true to his giftedness and calling! How many of us bend who we are to “fit in” with the trends of church growth and worship music (which often seem to go hand in hand)? Once again, the teacher of the worship leaders Don Moen is teaching all us: be true to the Lord and who He made you to be and don’t be ashamed of it. Praise the Lord! There’s still a place for all of our gifts in the Kingdom!