November has a special place in my heart.

Photo by Bich Tran from Pexels

Several years ago, I started noticing various churches and individual Christians changing Thanksgiving from a single day of gratitude into an entire month of gratitude. 

It takes on various forms. The idea is the same: show gratitude every day of November.  Gratitude really changes your attitude.

Because of this, November has a special place in my heart.  It’s an opportunity to hit the “reset” on my thinking.  November provides me an opportunity to develop some new habits of gratitude and I never leave November without picking up a new “thankful” habit.

In a very tangible way, a month of gratitude helps us live out Proverbs 4:24

Keep your mouth free of perversity; keep corrupt talk far from your lips.  

Proverbs 4:24
New International Version

As I said above, gratitude changes you attitude.

The word “perversity” refers to corrupting something by using it for a sinful purpose.  It’s the power of our words.  Words can heal or hurt.  Words can bless or curse.  We can take words and cut people’s hearts in two.

“Corrupt talk” underscores the power of intentionally misused words.  Our words are deceitful and underhanded.  We might say one thing but do another.  Our words are empty because our hearts are not truthful and honest.

As disciples of Jesus, we are to actively resist this in our lives.  One of the key methods to resisting “perversity” and “corrupt talk” is gratitude.   

Gratitude reshapes your outlook because it retrains our minds.  A perverse and corrupt mouth rarely belongs to a grateful heart.

It’s nearly impossible to find a grateful cynic.  They see the world through jaded lenses because they are not grateful for what is in their lives.

And we can slip into sinfulness when our gratitude diminishes.  We are tempted to covet, scratch, claw, fight, and say anything to get something we want.

Photo by Vie Studio from Pexels

If November is not normally an entire month of gratitude, I strongly encourage you to start.  Write down one thing you’re thankful for and praise the Lord for whatever that is.  The next day, write down something else and praise the Lord for that.  Keep doing this through month of November.

You’ll find gratitude truly will change your attitude.  You’ll want less and be so much happier.  On top of those benefits, you’ll find your words change.  You’ll actually speak differently.

Enjoy November 2020 with gratitude for what the Lord has given you.