As a pastor, I’ve led people in welcoming new years before but this year definitely tops the list in terms of excitementanticipation, and opportunity!

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Most of my life in the Kingdom of God was investing in leading worship.  Looking back, I recognized the Lord was systematically and intentionally expanding my tool box to include those skills needed to walk this road to which we have been called now.

Regardless of what position I held, I’ve always wanted one thing: for people to discover their purpose in Christ.

But there was one more step the Lord wanted me to take and it started in the most unlikely place: a football stadium known as Death Valley—AKA the home field of the Louisiana State University Tigers.  Your first question might be, “What were you doing in Louisiana when your home is in California?”  Great question!

I was there trying to become “husband of the year” to my best friend, Patty.  Not only is Patty an LSU alumna, she is an avid fan.  She especially loves LSU football (Did I marry up, or what?!)!  So in an effort to give her a birthday present she wouldn’t forget, I surprised her with a trip to an LSU football game in 2012.  The game: exciting.  The food: exquisite.  The whole trip: exceeded plans.

What happened on the way home, however, has changed our lives.

Sitting on the plane coming home we both felt a call for the city we were leaving.  In all the conversations we had or overheard, there was one subject working its way to the surface: the pursuit of purpose.

Before the plane was in the air from the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, we heard the call of the Lord Jesus to plant a church helping people live life with purpose on purpose.   By the time we were at cruising altitude, we both said “yes.”

And—at the time—we had no idea what that meant.

The statistics are exciting: more people are becoming disciples of Jesus through new churches than any other way.  We are excited for the call of God to plant The Purpose Community Church!

And we aren’t going at this alone.  Our primary supporting organization is the Association of Related Churches.  ARC exists to equip qualified church planters to start life-giving, Christ-honoring churches capable of reaching our culture.  They offer not only equipping and coaching for me, they are backing us with $50,000 of matching funds.

In a time where only 40% of new churches survive to year five, ARC church plants thrive at year five at a rate of 93%!  ARC believes in us and the vision the Lord has given us.

How can you help?

  1. There’s so much I’d love to share with you but space just doesn’t permit.  Our complete vision plan is available on our website.
  2. I’m asking for prayer, really big prayers to a really big God!  As you might imagine, starting a church is an emotionally, spiritually, and physically exhausting process on those involved.
  3. Sign up for The Purpose’s monthly newsletter.  In it, you’ll be kept up-to-date on the developments with planting this church.
  4. I’m asking for your help in terms of financial partnership.  As Billy Graham famously said, “The Gospel is free but the bucket it’s carried in costs money.”  Our launch budget is $138,500.  Will you partner with us financially?  All gifts are tax deductible, greatly appreciated, and help advance the Kingdom of our Lord.  You can make your check payable to “The Purpose Community Church” or here via our online giving solution powered by Easy Tithe.

You, my readers, have been on this journey of theology meeting life.   I am blessed by the connection to you as you allow me into your inboxes and news feeds every week..  Please visit our website and learn more about the vision, strategy and plan for The Purpose Community Church.