cross with sun behindI’m wrong.

Are there many sentences more difficult to say?  We may struggle through “I’m sorry” or even “you were right,” but saying “I’m wrong”—that’s a very different story.

Yet as followers of Jesus Christ, we start our relationship with the Father through Jesus by admitting our sin—by saying, “I’m wrong.”  And guess what…

Confessing that sentence keeps your relationship with Him vibrant and flourishing.

We are back in Psalm 80 this week.  This Psalm was written after the Northern Kingdom (called Israel) was taken captive by Assyria in 722-721 B.C.   However, the concepts expressed here are as valid for us as they were for them.  Let’s look at Psalm 80:7:

Restore us, God Almighty;
make your face shine on us,
that we may be saved.

This verse is a chorus through this Psalm: it comes around as an anchoring thought.  And it’s a great thought to be anchored in: shine on me again.  Although this Psalm takes the form of a community lament, restoration begins in our hearts as individuals.  That means if you want your small group, your church, your nation to be better, it starts with you first.  Then, your influence can spread to others.

When we recognize we’re part of the dysfunction and we’re ready to be part of the solution, what do we do?  Here are three quick take-aways:

  1. Use the words in prayer: “I’m the problem and want to be the solution”
  2. Be very specific where you are dysfunctional in your walk with the Lord.
  3. Meditate on Scripture passages addressing your issue.

When we get serious about being used by the Lord to be the hope of the world, we will know the grace of His restoration, the warmth of His face, and His winds of salvation thrusting us forward.