dog jumping barking at a signI don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m willing…

Have you ever said that when volunteering for something in the church, at work, or in a civic organization?  Have you ever been told that by someone offering to help?    Consider the following: a willing heart is not enough.

Does that surprise you to read?

Solomon wrote it this way in Proverbs 19:2:

Desire without knowledge is not good—
how much more will hasty feet miss the way!

Haven’t we as Christians gone around telling people you don’t need training, education, or skill, “you just need a willing heart”?  Have you considered the consequences of what that means?  It’s so easy to justify letting someone do virtually anything in the Kingdom of God (or in life, for that matter) by falling back on the age-old excuse of “but they really want it.”

In reality, God might not have equipped them for what they want.  Isn’t it possible that perhaps our desires aren’t perfectly aligned with God’s will?  Maybe even a little bit?

I’ve had guys come to me expressing their desire to be a teacher of Scripture.  I applaud the possibility that God is calling another man to lead the Lord’s people through the faithful teaching of the Word of God.  However, the conversation tends to take a sharp (and awkward) left turn when I ask something to the effect of “what training are you seeking?”  After all, “desire with knowledge is not a good.”

And if we’re really (really) honest, we have put ourselves into positions wishing we were called to do it.  How did that work out for us?  Same for me too: arduous, a little painful, and not very fruitful.

Do you know one of the most liberating things I ever learned?  Since you’re still reading, I suppose you do.  The most liberating thing I learned was I cannot be whatever I want to be.  Why?  I can have all the heart I want for something but if the Lord hasn’t called me and equipped me to do it, I will fail.

I’m not called to be what I want.  I’m not called to be what others want.  And you know what?  Neither are you.

We are called to be what the Lord created us to be.  Only then are we fulfilled.  Only then are we “light.”  Only then will our desire, knowledge, experience, and giftedness align in what can only be described as “the zone.”

Get in YOUR zone—the one God created you to be in.  Having a willing heart is not enough sometimes.  Having a heart after God’s…now that’ll do anytime and all the time!