wisdom“Stupid is as stupid does.”

Do you remember the movie?  It was Forrest Gump.  Although it was just a line in a movie, there’s a lot truth to that expression.  People who are stupid do stupid things.  Are you surprised when someone who “lacks the sense God gave a goose to come in out of the rain” does something…well, bone-headed?

But no amount of common sense can make up for the spiritual intelligence given by our Lord.  Nothing we can figure out is capable of coming close to the wisdom given by God.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction. Proverbs 1:7

Social grace tells us to not call people “fools” and you know, that’s really good advice.  At the same time, the reality is a foolish person despises wisdom and instruction.  Makes sense, right?  That’s why they’re foolish.

What is the beginning of knowledge?  Fear of the Lord.  Knowing the Lord is in charge and actually living like this is the beginning of the pursuit of wisdom.  We won’t get far at all without this recognition.  With this admission, we submit ourselves to our Lord and His will for our lives.  We pursue His will and His agenda.

However, as you face your day and your life, a righteous person becomes aware of this reality: there are a lot people rejecting wisdom and instruction because they reject the Lord.  If you’re living your life for Christ, you will be swimming against the dominant flow.  You will be against the grain.  You will be facing the tide.  You will be storming the stronghold of fools with the weapons of wisdom and knowledge.  You will be waging war—spiritual war.

Prepare for this by spending time in the Word of the Lord, the Bible.  Soak in it.  Saturate yourself in it.  Dig deep and consider the marvelous mystery that is the vastness of the depths of the knowledge of our Lord God Almighty.