No one likes a bully.  More than that, no one likes to be
bullied.  As I watch our little girl grow
up, I’m watching the nearly three-year old have to deal with bullies.  At first, she would simply watch them take a
toy or a snack from her.  It was so sad
for me to watch but this is part of growing up. 
Over time, however, the strong-willed streak takes over and she is
increasingly standing up to these bully children and will tell them “no.  It’s my toy.” 
Conversely, she will repeat a phrase she hears a lot at home,
“share.  You need to share.”


I wish I could say we
outgrow bullies but the reality is, we don’t. 
They just change their tactics. 
Our Psalmist in Psalm 71:9-13 is dealing with one type of “adult bully.”  This bully is doing far worse than taking a
toy or taking some snacks. 


not cast me away when I am old; do not forsake me when my strength is gone.

10 For
my enemies speak against me; those who wait to kill me conspire together.

11 They
say, “God has forsaken him; pursue him and seize him, for no one will rescue

12 Do
not be far from me, my God; come quickly, God, to help me.

13 May
my accusers perish in shame; may those who want to harm me be covered with
scorn and disgrace.


This prayer focuses on
those times when we feel at the end of our ropes.  “Lament” adequately describes this part of
this Psalm.  When those against us speak
evil towards us and conspire to kill us—whether literally or figuratively—we
need to remember our source of strength.


There are times when
bullies in our lives act as if they are in control of everything.  These people push their way right over us and
when this happens it certainly feels like God has forsaken us.  The pain of being mistreated by people can
cut very deep but even in those times—maybe MOST in those times—we need to pray.


Getting emotionally bullied
can either drive us to our knees in prayer or to our knees in surrender.  We need to cultivate prayer as our response
because in us is not just the strong-willed streak of a toddler but the Holy
Spirit of God empowering and encouraging us that we can remain strong.  Reminding us, we are kids of the King.  We are infinitely valuable to our heavenly
Father; we are worth a Son.


With this in mind, the
Psalmist prays the Lord will take revenge for him.  It is the Lord’s place to pay people back for
what they do to us (Deuteronomy 32:35). 
There are some bullies that are too big for us or the situation is too
big.  It’s not weakness to call out to
the Lord.  Quite the contrary, it is the
greatest thing we can do.  As you face
the bullies of life, look them in the eye knowing your Daddy in Heaven has your


Verse 1

Lord I surrender all

To Your strong and faithful hand

In everything I will give thanks to You

I’ll just trust Your perfect plan


Verse 2

Lord I surrender all

Though I’ll never understand

All the mysteries around me

I’ll just trust Your perfect plan



As I bow my knee

Send Your perfect peace

Send Your perfect peace Lord

As I lift my hands

Let Your healing come

Let Your healing come to me



When I don’t know what to do

I’ll lift my hands

When I don’t know what to say

I’ll speak Your praise

When I don’t know where to go

I’ll run to Your throne

When I don’t know what to think

I’ll stand on Your truth

When I don’t know what to do

“When I Don’t Know What to

Tommy Walker

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