There is comfort in the
Word of God.  We don’t have to go very
far in our day to realize our need of comfort in a society increasingly
intolerant of Biblical standards of living. 
In this way, we are not any different from our “religious relatives”
from several millennia ago.  The people
of God have always been attacked for being peculiar.  By denying ourselves and pursuing the things
of God, we stand out and remind the world of the higher calling in our


In some of the language of
Psalms we find some extreme language. 
Again, the Scriptures do not sugarcoat the emotions of the Lord’s
people.  The offenses against the people
of God were actually against God Himself. 
This is why the Psalmist can write:


21 Surely
God will crush the heads of his enemies,

the hairy crowns of those who go on in
their sins.

22 The
Lord says, “I will bring them from Bashan;

I will bring them from the depths of
the sea,

23 that
your feet may wade in the blood of your foes,

while the tongues of your dogs
have their share.”

Psalm 68:21-23


The promise of deliverance
is reason for the Lord’s people to rejoice. 
More in the Old Testament but nevertheless true, the Lord is presented
as a Divine Warrior.  As a Warrior, He is
our Champion.  The Lord is our defender
and helper. 


The Lord said He would bring down His enemies.  Friends, we must remember the battle is not
ours.  We fight on our knees with weapons
of prayer, fasting, and petition.  Our
Divine Warrior defends us and protects us.


This is why David can say
(and so can we) that our Lord
“will crush the heads of his enemies.”  It is not
ours to act in revenge.  Retribution is
in the prevue of the Lord Himself for only He has the perspective and knowledge
to know the hearts and all the facts.


This is the hope and rest
found in the song from the late 90s, “Refuge”



Your call comes like the morning breeze

You spread Your wings and cover me

Underneath Your shadow I will hide away

For there I’ve found Your shelter and there I’d like
to stay



Refuge You’re my refuge

When the world is shaken and nothing stands

I will hold on to Your hand




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