mentor of mine often says, “If you’re not in a storm, hang on; it’s
coming.”  That’s very true.  There are times life seems to go from one
valley to another.  If you’re an optimist
like me, it goes from mountaintop to mountaintop.  Nevertheless, there are valleys in between
those mountains and eventually, every one is going to come down from their
mountain and walk through the valley.


in those times, we need to be reminded we have a God Who cares enough to
care.  When the mountaintop dance becomes
a valley-deep lament, we must remember the One Who has always been there.  When it feels like we will ache to the point
of death, may we look up to the One giving us strength for each new day.


find us in verses 19-20 of Psalm 68. 
Hear the words of the psalmist, David.


19 Praise be to
the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens.

20 Our God is a
God who saves; from the Sovereign Lord comes escape from death.


we really praise in the middle of the valley? 
Scripture asserts, “Yes, we can.” 
Oftentimes in the darkest moments of our lives is when we are most able
to feel the Lord’s arms holding us up.  The
same “God of the Universe” is also
“God our
.  The One who formed the stars, galaxies, and
planets, is the same
“who daily
bears our burdens”
.  Knowing that every tear is
seen and felt by the Lord, how could we not feel His presence at a deeper level
at those times?


is not our strength of mind or heart getting us through those valleys.  Instead, it is our
“God who saves”.  In His
sovereignty, He is in control.  The Lord
has not fallen asleep while we go through the valleys; He is reminding us of
our need of a Savior.  We live in a fallen
world and in that “fallenness”, it is broken. 
When we are broken, only our Lord can fix us.


is a Redeemer”



There is a Redeemer
Jesus God’s own Son

Precious Lamb of God
Messiah Holy One



Jesus my Redeemer name
above all names

Precious Lamb of God

Hope for sinners slain



When I stand in glory I
will see His face

There I’ll serve my King

In that holy place



Thank You O my Father

For giving us Your Son

And leaving Your Spirit

Till the work on earth
is done


is a Redeemer”

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