many of you reading this know, Patty and I have a toddler, Dani
Every time Dani does
something new, Patty will say, “Joel, come here and look!” 
She’s proud of our little girl and wants me to share in the pride of the new accomplishments of our daughter.(When these accomplishments occur and I’m
not home—as they often do—Patty sends me a video message.  I’m very thankful for technology!)


the first part of Psalm 66, there’s one prevailing thought: come here and
look!  These are not the accomplishments
of a developing human being but the awe-inspiring response to the Creator of
the Universe.  This is God’s people
telling the nations to come here and look at the power of God Almighty.


1 Shout
for joy to God, all the earth!

2   Sing the glory of his name;

his praise glorious.

3 Say
to God, “How awesome are your deeds!

great is your power

your enemies cringe before you.

4 All
the earth bows down to you;

sing praise to you,

sing the praises of your name.”


a call to worship!  All the earth, come
and see!  All the nations are called to
the following actions of praise:


  • Shouting
    (verse 1)
  • Singing
    (verse 2)
  • Speaking
    (verse 3)
  • Submission
    (verse 4)


are they to shout, sing, speak and submit?

5 Come
and see what God has done,

awesome deeds for mankind!

6 He
turned the sea into dry land,

passed through the waters on foot—

let us rejoice in him.

7 He
rules forever by his power,

eyes watch the nations—

not the rebellious rise up against him.


Lord has done awesome deeds for all of humanity and the nation of Israel was
evidence to their world of His faithfulness. 
Verse six references the crossing of the Red Sea after Moses led them
out of captivity from Egypt (Exodus 14:21 – 15:18).  Furthermore, the conquest into the Promised
Land is referenced in verse seven (Joshua and Judges 1).  These were two of the most obvious examples
of the Lord’s deliverance and protection. 
The warning to the nations, then, is ominous
not the rebellious rise up against him”
(verse 7).


final section of this half of Psalm 66 summarizes this call to the nations very

8 Praise
our God, all peoples,

the sound of his praise be heard;

9 he
has preserved our lives

kept our feet from slipping.

10 For
you, God, tested us;

refined us like silver.

11 You
brought us into prison

laid burdens on our backs.

12 You
let people ride over our heads;

went through fire and water,

you brought us to a place of abundance.


should let the whole world know Who He is. 
Indeed, as versenine states, He has persevered His people.  God has always had a people.  He has been making a Holy Nation for Himself
to be His witnesses ever since the fall. 
It was the Lord Almighty who “tested us” (verse 10a) and “refined us
like silver” (verse 10b) in order to purify us. 
Israel truly understood what it was like to be punished for not
remaining faithful to God.  Verses 11-12
remind the world that God punished His own people by sending them into
captivity and allowing them to be trampled by other nations.


punishment, however, was for their own good and ultimately led them to
blessing. Even through that, they praised the Lord and gave Him glory.


like them, we should be willing—in ALL circumstances—to praise God with the
attitude to the world of “come and see!” 
The Lord is good and He is most worthy of the praise given to Him.  We give Him praise by shouting, singing,
speaking and submitting.  By blessing
Him, we are blessing the world and are a testimony of the greatness of our God!