Colt manufactured
a handgun called the “peacemaker”. 
It is a single action revolver that holds six bullets.  It was first invented in 1873 and despite
Colt trying to discontinue production, it remains a popular weapon for handgun
collectors.  This was the weapon that
could beat other weapons.  When James
writes about peacemakers, you can rest assured he wasn’t speaking of a weapon
designed to kill a person.  James was,
however, speaking of people who could kill problems.  In James
3:18 he writes: 


“Peacemakers who
sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness.”


What’s in
our hearts will come out in our lives. 
Jesus said, “by their fruit you
will recognize them”

(Matthew 7:16).  In the context of Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus was
talking about how you will recognize true and false prophets but the concept holds
true in our walks with Christ.  The world
will know Whose we are by how we act.


If we plant
pain, discord, and rejection, what kind of crop should we expect?


presents the alternative.  If we plant
seed in peace, righteousness grows. 
Those who are truly wise will bring blessing to their community.  But what is righteousness?  James teaches us it is right actions.  James is not talking about people who simply
put on a show, but instead he is talking about those whose lives are truly
reflective of the life abiding in them.  These
peacemakers kill the discord and work in peaceable ways.  “True wisdom is the wisdom of peace, not
of violence” (Keener, IVP Bible Background
Commentary: New Testament
, James 3:18).


“Blessed are the
peacemakers, for they will be called children of God”
5:9).  A
peacemaker is one who works for peace. 
This is not a “peace-keeper” which basically uses their own
force to keep two parties from warring. 
Instead, a peacemaker helps people work through their issues so true
resolution takes place.  People who
contain the wisdom that comes from Heaven are “peacemakers”.  Do you have any peacemakers in your
life?  Does the fruit of your life
demonstrate you to be a peacemaker? 

May we plant righteousness in the hearts and lives of all those around us and truly live lives that reflect the wisdom that God gives us.