The Solution (Verses 15-20)

  • God is the source of life (verse 15)
    • Our confidence, then does not rest in our possessions but Who is possessing us!  Only God Almighty through the blood of His Jesus Christ can give purpose to life. 
  • Don’t be envious of what the world has (verses 16-19)
    • As a result of the true source of life, don’t want what the world has. 
    • It is important to note here: this passage is not calling money evil.  Wealth is not evil; the entire crux of this passage is it is evil if we are relying on our wealth to do what only Jesus Christ can do for us. 
    • Don’t be impressed with someone’s wealth.  If God has blessed them that way, rejoice with them.  But God has given you the tools He has given you—use them and don’t waste your time wanting what isn’t yours!
  • Life without Christ is meaningless (verse 20)
    • Christ is the embodiment of wisdom (understanding).
    • Without Christ in our lives supplying wisdom and teaching us in all truth by the Holy Spirit, life is without true meaning.  We are simply existing.

Seek Christ.  Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God His righteousness.  After that, find a way to serve Him with what He has given you.  Don’t rely on your ingenuity, wealth, or talents.  Instead, give them back to the Lord as an offering asking Him to use them through you to be a blessing to His kingdom and the world.