Fox News is abuzz this morning with remembering 911…September 11, 2001.

Our world was forever changed that morning. For those of us who remember that day (it was only 8 years ago but some might have been too young to really remember it), it was a punch in the stomach.

I was sitting in an Ethics class at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary when someone came in and told our professor who then, in turn, told us. His face was, obviously, very somber as he told us–very out of character for Dr. Steve Lemke who normally has a smile (or at least a smirk).

As was (and still is) the custom of the day, a chapel service was held. There we sat in chapel, trying to grasp what had happened…afraid of what might happened. We were in New Orleans after all; a major port city. I remember one of the songs…it has forever taken on new meaning after 9-11-01. The words still bring back the emotions of that day:

“Who Can Satisfy My Soul Like You”
Words and Music by Dennis Jernigan
© 1989 Shepherd’s Heart Music, Inc. (Admin. by PraiseCharts)
Verse 1

Who can satisfy my soul like You?
Who on earth could comfort me
And love me like You do?
Who could ever be more faithful true?
I will trust in You.
Lord I will trust in You my God

There is a Fountain who is a King
Victorious Warrior and Lord of ev’rything
My Rock my Shelter my very own
Blessed Redeemer who reigns upon the throne

Verse 2

Living Water rain down Your life on me
Cleansing me refreshing me
With life abundantly.
River full of life
I’ll go where You lead.
I will trust in You.
Lord I will trust in You my God.

Who could ever be more faithful true
Lord Jesus Lord Jesus
Lord Jesus there’s none but You

Then and today: God is still in absolute control. May we approach every day with the same courage we approached that day: with a purpose and message. Jesus loves us and is just a prayer away.