This morning (Tuesday, June 30, 2009), Patty and I sat with Sophie, our four-year old terrier mix, as she relaxed into a peaceful sleep which for several days eluded her due to advanced, incurable liver disease. As she closed her eyes in this life, she heard our voices telling her she was a such a good dog as she finally didn’t have to fight this illness any longer.

About four years ago, Sophie crawled out from under one of the cars we owned at the time: a 1998 Kia Sephia–which inspired her name, Sophie. She loved to lick toes and feet–this gave her one of her nicknames: “Toe-Toe” (think Wizard of Oz). She would make these sad little faces that gave her the nickname “Poo-nam” (it’s a play on “poonum” which is a reference to the face–especially a pouty one!).

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Patty and I will miss our sweet Poo-nam but know she is up in heaven running without pain, without pills (due to her liver disease she was taking five a day) and with a liver that will never fail again. Reunited with “Old Man Bob“, they are probably fetching sticks right about now.

A very special thank you goes to Dr. Steve Baker (Coffee Road Veterinary Hospital) and his staff who cared for Sophie like their own and treated us like one of the family. Also, we thank the great team of doctors at U.C. Davis Veterinary Hospital who diagnosed and helped treat Sophie’s liver disease.