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As many of you know, about eight months ago Patty and I adopted a very old dog named “Bob”. Bob was really one of these “hard luck” cases. He was rescued from a pound in Los Angeles by Cathy of Camp Cocker. This great charity has a soft spot for all things dog.

Anyway, Bob came into our home with kidney and pancreas problems, severe arthritis, couldn’t see very well (due to cataracts) and was deaf. Perfect for us! He had a “nub” for a tail, and despite the pain of his legs and back would get up and follow Patty into any room she was in. Truly, he was the sweetest dog we’ve ever had. He absolutely never met a stranger. From other dogs to children to adults–Bob would just walk up calmly, wag his nub, and lie down next to them.

Unfortunately, time caught up with old “Mr. Bob” and yesterday (February 4) we had to say “goodbye” to him. I’ve spent years of my life wondering if there are pets in heaven and one thing is for sure: if they are, Bob is certainly there.

We hope you enjoy these few pictures (of many we took while we had him) of sweet Bob!