As you know, Shelter Cove had it’s first ever “Night of Worship”. WOW! What an amazing night! The Lord showed up and did a mighty work in our midst. So many people described this as a “life-changing event” that “lifted them to new heights in worship”. A few even said that for the first time in their lives, they were felt free to raise their hands in worship! I completely understand that feeling. I remember the first time I “lost myself” in giving Him praise. We are exciting about our next Night of Worship (not that it’s scheduled yet but Lord willing, we will do another one).

There’s no way to say thank you to all the people who made that night possible. From the orchestra to the choir to the worship teams to the tech crew (especially Isaac “Mr. Gibbs”–worth 10 times his weight in gold)…everyone worked so very hard to make that night worthy of our Savior. We pray He was blessed by our “sacrifice of praise”.

Special thanks to Don, the recording guy for all his hard work in getting the night captured for the CD release. Check out his website (the link is his name) and the services he provides. We are EXTREMELY happy with working with Don and HIGHLY recommend him to you for your event. He is professional, efficient, pleasant, funny (I guess you have to put up with the complications of on-site event recording), and reasonably-priced. If you’re in the central valley (CA), give him a buzz!