Where Do We Worship?

Part 2 of 2

Text: Various Psalms

  • Although the practice of “worship” has been largely made a corporate activity, Scriptures teach that worship is corporate AND individual.
  • The corporate worship event only happens because of the individual worship event.
    • Moses was communing with God when he was given the Ten Commandments
    • In the Old Testament, “temple worship” was established. This was the first time a “church” (in our terms) was built.
    • The Psalms reflect both a corporate worship AND a call to the individual. The vast majority of the Psalms are individual (even though many of those individual Psalms were used in corporate worship).
      • Psalm 23, 30 and 42 – individual
      • Psalm 44, 136, 149, 150 — corporate
  • Since we have the power of the Holy Spirit living within us, we can worship (or commune with God) anywhere. He is with us no matter where we are. Our cars, our homes, our workplace—they can all become “houses of praise” for our Lord!

“The Biblical Rhythm of worship is one of doing and responding. God acts, we respond.”

Robert E. Webber in

The Complete Library of the Christian Worship, Volume 2: Twenty Centuries of Christian Worship