My oldest brother, James, added these comments that I wanted to share…it fits so well with a discussion about “spirit and truth worship” (cf John 4:23):

“To worship in Spirit is critical, or we have cold liturgy. To worship in truth is just as vital or we will have a lot of excitement, but no change in lives.”

Isn’t that great stuff?!?

“Spirit and truth” are tied together. This the “holy grail” of worship theology! If Christians could grasp this–WOW–what a change in churches there would be.

We are created as intellectual AND emotional beings. There are many facets to us that are not simply “black and white”. They are deep issues. That’s why spirit and truth are both necessary.

As my brother, James, pointed out: we are cold without the Spirit. Worship simply becomes an intellectual exercise. It is dead. Worship without truth becomes void and empty. All hype but no meat. 100 miles wide, 1 inch deep.

Thanks to my brother for giving me a great springboard on Spirit and truth.

That’ll preach!